stripes on my back

Heart this Motel dress. Most of their dresses have awesome back details
Too bad the weather was not so friendly when I wore this dress
It was raining cats and dogs in Singapore and the wind was crazy
My umbrella was wrecked




dress- Motel, bag-coco pink, shoes-rubi, random ring and bangle


Got tagged

I've been tagged by Raeny from Raeny days & Nights :D
This is actually my fist time, thank you Raeny ! :)

  1. If you were to be the inventor of one of the greatest gadgets of today, which gadget would that be and why? -it would be a time machine. cuz i have so many 'I wish i did this before' moments.
  2. You have to choose, would you rather eat a cockroach or a worm? - I would rather eat a worm, simply because i could pretend it as noodles
  3. What's your favorite cartoon as a child? -Crayon Shinchan, his life is about family, friends, play and eat
  4. If you could have any animal trained as a pet, what animal would you want? -A lion. 
  5. If you had three days left to live, what would you do in that short time? -stay in home, spend my whole 72 hrs with the bet people in my life 
  6. Would you rather be an outlaw but really rich or be a good citizen but average in wealth? -i would be a good citizen :)
  7. If you could have a celebrity best friend, who would it be? -VB would be the best :D
  8. Live for 80 years being single, or live for 30 years happily married to the one you love? -80 years being single. 30 is just too short for me 

There'll be no update soon since I'll be leaving to Singapore on Monday for a week (FINALLY, I'll be free)
Yay for me ! :D
Happy holidays people !


in a cage

Home is super silent now. People's gone and I'm trapped inside
I wish I had a driving license and my very own car
So then I could drive around the city, hit the malls and places which will kill my boredom
I need to bear for 2 more years for that, tough *long sigh*
I'm learning to drive currently; still suck but well, the car moved, at least.
I need to find a getaway, any place, soon. I'm dying inside my house

IMG_1133 copy

cotton on dress worn as top, high-waisted jeans- ZARA, random accesorises, unbranded shoes bought in China 
p.s sorry for bad quality pics :(


a blooming heart

A girl falls in love. She has this slight smile while talking to him.
Blushing, her cheeks gone red.
Can't hold it any longer, she covered them up with her trembling hands.
She is walking on clouds, sleeps on a flowerbed and flies high into the sky in her dreams.
Every night she's drowned into her own thoughts,imagining herself and him in a lovely scene taken from a romantic novel she's read before. Silly, yes she is.
Yet, she doesn't want to tell poeple how she feels.
Promised to keep this secret deep down in her blooming heart.

unbranded pink dress, black laces outerwear made by mom, Forever21 ribbon headband, ribbon ring-DIVA, black laces pumps bought in China. 
note: the pumps are very much the same like Louboutin's except mine aren't peeptoe-d. LOVE !