Currently into bruno mars' songs especially his 'Just the way you are' and 'Count on me' singles
His voice is so much like lullaby to me. Gentle, soothing and charming.
'Just the way you are' lyrics are super sweet and he definitely knows what girls want
I feel super good whenever I listen to this song, and I wish somebody would tell me such things like in the lyrics.
How about you? Do you enjoy it like i do?

The title of this post is based on my new uber cute ring. I called this piece 'Lovebirds'
Got this from my friend's shop, GomGom shop. Check out her website to get lovely stuffs !
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top bought from Far East, skirt- Topshop, headband and necklace- Diva, black flats- rubi, unbranded glasses, tote- Key's, connecting ring- GomGom's